Amma Engineering Technical Collection

Amma Engineering Technical Collection

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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing, as a branch of geomatics, is widely used to obtain information about the effects of the Earth's surface. By interpreting various satellite images and using various sensors in UAVs,...

GPS-based services

Determining the exact location of the points by precise three frequencies GPS based on the SHAMIM system, can be done all over the country now. One of the services of AMMA company is to perform the...

GIS services

Today, the provision of services in the form of Geographic Information System (GIS) has become very widespread. According to 20 years of experience, AMMA specialists are able to provide the best...

Educational courses

Face-to-face and via internet The experts of AMMA Company have 20 years of experience in teaching various and practical courses related to geomatics. Communication and cooperation with international...

Accurate mapping with UAVs

In recent years, many advances have been made in the construction and operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This technology has been developed in both hardware and software, at the same time...

3D model

Procurement of 3D models is one of the important achievements of UAV mapping, which is presented to employers in each project. The production of RGB point cloud (RGB), a three-dimensional combination...

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Sample 3D model

about us

about us

Ayandeh Sazan Mahalleh Aria Co., with the brand name "Ama", has been operating since 2017 with the approach of scientific and experimental promotion of geographical studies and remote sensing and using the specialties of geography, software, surveying engineering, agriculture, natural resources, Environment and urban and regional management began their activities. It was not long before the holding team, with the experience and skills of its experts and communication with prominent professors of ITC University in the Netherlands and the European Union in the form of the GEONETC course, succeeded in implementing aerial mapping and three-dimensional toll-using techniques using